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We build technology for creating educational content that understands what students know and what they don’t and then intelligently adapt to them.

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ALTC Workshop 2 Photos
Photos from the 2nd ALTC Workshop on the 14th Feb 2011 at RMIT University, Melbourne.
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ALTC Project sparks major interest across Australian universities


Major interest in using Adaptive Tutorials from different universities in Australia was generated during the recent presentation and workshop of our ALTC Project at the Australasian Association for Engineering Education (AAEE) 2010 conference in December. The attendees got the chance to develop a part of an Adaptive Tutorial using the Adaptive eLearning Platform’s authoring toolkit whilst being guided by our developers, and were very impressed by how simple and easy it was. Almost all of the attendees who are academics teaching Engineering Mechanics from various universities in Australia expressed their desire to implement Adaptive Tutorials in their courses, and we intend to follow up on this in the coming months.


The project's 2nd full-day workshop will be conducted by us at the RMIT University in Melbourne, on the 14th February 2011. Besides discussing the future work on the project, the workshop will hold a training session to provide hands-on experience with using the Adaptive eLearning Platform, and present the newly developed Adaptive Tutorials being developed for the project. The workshop also aims to attract more attention to the project in Victorian and Tasmanian universities and is opened to the public.


Please contact us for more information.

SiTEL’s Innovative Education Conference 2010

In April we shall be flying over to Washington D.C. to take part in SiTEL’s Innovative Education Conference 2010.

We are excited to have been invited, and honoured to be seen as an innovator in a conference which aims to “join innovators and educators that can help provide the tools and approaches for effective engagement of the workforce”.

SiTEL (Simulation and Training Environment Lab) is a division of MedStar Health's ER One Institute and is considered to be a fast, reliable solution necessary to address the unmet need for training and education in mass casualty incidents at MedStar hospitals. SiTEL work as an “expert team of skilled clinicians, law enforcement, healthcare educators and interactive multimedia developers to create a comprehensive, hands-on training platform that provides flexible, customizable and engaging education and training solutions in the market for high-reliability organizations.”

The conference, hosted by SiTEL, holds and enforces its goals to explain and discuss new and developing technologies…

  1. Technologies which create leverage & enrich complex learning organizations.
  2. New learning environments & platforms/applications which cultivate inventive learning strategies.
  3. How educators, students and leadership will be effected by these technologies.
  4. How one incorporates these new strategies & technologies to improve safety, quality, and overall standard of learning amongst learners. We shall be discussing the role of the AeLP in learning and the exciting new possibilities now open to us with the further development of our own technology.
To learn more visit http://SiTEL.org


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